How We Work

Once registered you can search members on our database, filter by age, employment status and even by wedding attended.

PROCESS – Simple as A, B, C

       A.   If you like a members profile you have two options:
  1. Request photo or

  2. Request contact details

An email is sent to that member notifying them that you have requested to see a photo or further contact details.

       B.   That member then has the option to accept or decline your request:
  1. If they accept your photo request then their photo will become visible to you.

  2. If they accept contact details , one of the following will become visible:

    Phone number, or

    Email address or

    Mehrams Phone no and email address.

It is up to the member as to what contact information from the 3 above they wish to disclose.

       C.   If member rejects your request you will be notified through email.

Once contact details have been exchanged the work of the bureau to some extent has been done. The onus is then on you to take things forward by communicating and meeting families with a view hopefully towards marriage. If however things don’t turn out as expected you always have the option to start your search again for other members.

Why do you have to add a photo?

Adding a photo makes it easier for others to see who you are before taking things further. In most cases it is deemed an important starting point of any marriage proposal.

A photo is not compulsory during the registration process. It is however recommended that you have a photo uploaded so when a member does request to see what you look like then it is readily available within your gallery.

Remember only members you allow access to view your photos will ever be able to see them, otherwise photos and contact details remain private.

Most relationships and marriages these days start with the initial face to face meeting to establish a connection before pursuing further.

We have heard many instances of individuals making long journeys out of town after being notified from friends or family of that potential perfect partner. Only to realise fairly quickly upon that front door opening that their dreams have been shattered once again and it will be a long quiet journey home. We hope to eradicate these awkward instances by allowing you to see a photo of the person in private before you accept to send contact details. We therefore also have the reject option to show that based upon photo there was no compatibility.


We recommend having a mehram, a true definition would be your father, brother, uncle etc. but we have used this term more loosely to include anybody that can be used as a middle person. We suggest using your parents, brothers or sisters but in essence it can be anyone you are comfortable with being involved in the process.

Parents feel the same pressures when they have children growing up and find it’s not always an easy task getting their children married. Acting as mehrams, parents can register their children and search the database themselves for members they feel may be compatible. Parents can take the initiative to gather contact details and communicate with members that take their interest before their child even gets involved. This process works with your family in mind and aims to be user friendly for both parents and individuals looking for marriage.

Mehram`s details can be used as a barrier between two members. Women in particular may be reluctant to disclose contact details unless they are certain the person is right for them or even someone they can trust. Woman who are contacted by members to disclose their contact details should in this scenario send their Mehram`s  contact details. Communication then takes place between the member and Mehram of the interested match. Female contact details are this way kept safe and never disclosed.

USING HGMB as Mehram

We appreciate some people may not have Mehram’s to represent them. In these instances HGMB can be utilised to act as Mehram on your behalf. A small fee of £25 will be payable to cover admin costs of being the middleman and communicating with interested parties.

This site is almost completely autonomous

What does that mean exactly? Well, the site is designed in such a way that it acts as an online auntie or matchmaker by gathering your details and then relaying information out to others who have fulfilled your requirements. However, should you ever need to discuss technical matters or have views on improving the site and its functions, you can always email

 HGMB is a new networking site which will go live from January 2017 so we expect members to grow as word of mouth spreads. The marriage bureau is completely free to use. HGMB is designed for the local community and wider areas of Birmingham with a hope of getting people connected and more importantly married. We are not interested in the number of people logging their details but the quality of those genuinely seeking marriage.

We sincerely hope our Marriage bureau finds you success when searching for your other half.

If you find our site helpful please spread the word to others searching for marriage.

Thank you!


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